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Complex Sign Up Flow

My Roles

UX Designer/Product Owner

Tools Used

Miro, Figma



The Problem

The sign up process needed for a new casino mobile app needed to account for several complexities such as SSO implementation, a KYC process, and compliance adherence.

The Solution

A complete sign up process across several products that accounts for all internal business complexities, outside vendor, and compliance needs that is simple for the user.

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Flow Design

Current State | SSO Flow requirements | KYC | Compliance

Understand current state & pain points, create & integrate into new SSO, integrate into vendor and KYC systems, make sure it passes NGCB compliance requirements.

Current State Analysis

Examined how guest currently sign up for their accounts and what needed to be changed, while still remaining in compliance.

Current State Journey Maps

  • Looked at existing journey maps and how they could be improved with a mobile solution.

Current User Flow

  • Created user flows of current state.


  • The results of the analysis revealed a process that was slow, used multiple forms, lacked an easy KYC process, and was ready to be updated to a more modern solution.

SSO Flow

It was also determined that the implementation of an SSO (single sign-on) process was needed across enterprise products. A flow was designed to accommodate current and future products.

Integrate into Vendor Back office

Players needed to be registered in both the casino and vendor back office. A flow was designed that would integrate player profiles into both systems.

KYC Process

A separate KYC process needed to be created

Compliance Check

Reviewed the company's and NGCB compliance needs such as:

• Data storing policy
• ID Requirements
• Required Checks (AML, BAN, OFAC/PEP)

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User Experience

Icon representing wireframes
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Wireframes | Testing

Wireframes were created to get stakeholder buy-in and test with users.

Wireframe Library

To Account for the large number of possible scenarios, a wireframe library was created to show what a guest would experience in any given situation. This included:

• New Guests
• Existing Guests who needed to be migrated
• New guests who had a loyalty and/or KYC account, but were new to sports.
• Guest who had SSO but not sports.

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