Center of EXcellence

Regional Energy utility

My Roles

UX Researcher/Designer

Tools Used

Adobe XD, Miro, Sharepoint



The Problem

The Data & Analytics department at an Energy & Utility company needed to update and codify their processes, and best practices.

The Solution

Create a centralized site to house detailed data & analytics playbook to optimize the team's data management, governance, data lake, solution delivery, and business intelligence processes and best practices.

User Research

Value Stream Maps | Playbook Development | Information Architecture

Understand core processes, systems, people, & pain points. Developed playbook, & information architecture.

Value Stream Maps

The entire current state process was mapped for three different teams to understand how their core work is accomplished and how their processes can be improved.

Work Steps & Activities

  • The overall steps & activities were mapped in order.

People & Tools

  • The people & tools for each step were captured

Time Metrics

  • The lead, idle, & cycle time of each step was calculated.

Pain Points Identified

  • Spots in the value stream that needed improvement were identified..

The maps were iterated on several times to ensure accuracy and a final current state was created. The potential improvements were mapped and a future state was created including the total lead, idle, & cycle time improvements.

Future State

Playbook Development

A playbook was drafted for each team and the data & analytics core. Capturing processes and adding or adjusting where recommended.

Plays were reviewed, edited and iterated on until correct.

Information Architecture

Reviewed the company's existing Centers of Excellence to ascertain common structures, styles, and where common links exist. This was done to maintain user consistency & standards, but to also look for areas to improve.

Looked for things like:
• What does standard look like?
• What does a step by step play look like?
• When are plays mostly visual?

Existing COE Structure Example

Final Information Architecture

The final structure was created to maximize usability for both internal team members and employees outside of data & analytics


Icon representing wireframes
Icon representing User TestingIcon representing prototyping

Content Management System | UI & Branding | Iconography | Documentation

Created content & audience tags, UI, branding, & iconography. Created documentation and maintenance instructions.

Content Management System

Content and audience CMS was developed to make the experience more useable and accessible for outsiders.

UI & Branding

The requirement was to give the Data & Analytics teams their own brand that could fit inside the existing the overall company's brand.


Custom icon were created to represent each play and aspect of the team.


Documentation was created that allows current and future company team members to maintain and update the Content and Audience tags, and control version history

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