Team Dashboard & Data Visualization


My Role

UX/UI Designer

Tools Used

Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator



The Problem

ENGin had outgrown their model of using spreadsheets to organize their peer-to-peer ESL program data.

The Solution

Design a web-based platform for the ENGin team to organize and better facilitate their operational processes.

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Organizing the Data

Organizing all of the raw data into groups.

My job was to organize it in ways that made sense based on the user needs.

Guidelines for Designs

  • ENGin team members needed to work very fast.
  • Each section of the platform was for a different part of the team.
  • The CEO was keen on keeping the general layout of the sketches maintained.
  • Something that was workable for the development team.

Categorizing the Data Points

Applicant Data

  • Basic Information (Name, age, location, experience, availability, etc.)
  • Interview Specifics (Date, notes, history, etc.)
  • Correspondences Sent
  • Matching data (history, sessions, etc.)

Interviewer Team Data

All on One Screen

One particular problem was how to to keep the interview team from getting bogged down in data while still being able to keep notes.

  • Have a dropdown menu on the right side with all of the interviewee's information in view for the interviewer.
  • Have another dropdown contained within each interviewee for the log to be maintained.

This allowed for the ENGin team to keep working quickly while still collecting robust information about each potential candidate.

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Wireframes | Prototype

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Even though the basic layout needed to be maintained from the sketches, the wireframes were very important and allowed the ENGin team to:

  • Visualize their raw data
  • Test for bugs and/or improvements
  • Get an overall feel for the platform

I took the sketches and made more robust, visually simpler versions of each for the wireframes.`

High Fidelity Prototype

Result of User Testing

  • Once the ENGin team tested and approved the wireframe designs I built the prototype with the ENGin branding and typography.
Adobe XD Prototype

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