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User Research, Design, & Testing

Tools Used

Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, Open Peeps (Human Illustrations), Invision



The Problem

Animal rescue and shelter organizations spend an extraordinary amount of time matching their animals to quality applicants. Potential adopters have to sift through hundreds if not thousands of results to find the perfect pet.

The Solution

A mobile app that aims to match potential pet adopters with animals that will fit pet needs to the adopter's lifestyle and home life, streamlining the process for rescue and shelter organizations. The UX will minimize the time spent by both primary users during the pet adoption process.

"I haven’t ever seen an app like this and I have no doubt in my mind that adopter would love this! I applaud you for finding a gap and filling it"
-Rescue professional during user interview
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Discovery & Research

Competative Analysis | User Interviews | Surveys | Pain Points | Personas | User Journey

Competitive Analysis

  • All three had basic search features and filters.
  • Two got a little more specific with filtering options.
  • None considered home environment and lifestyle.

User Interview Results

  • An interface that is both quick, mobile, easily accessible, and can integrate with existing databases.
  • Extract additional information about the home environment and lifestyle from adopters from the start.

Survey Results

  • Limit search results to 100 or less.
  • Add additional search criteria
  • Design a streamlined adoption process that is mobile and has a simple interface
  • Add more specific search criteria

Pain Points

Rescue & Shelter Organizations

  • Too much time spent on creating pet profiles in a cumbersome upload process.
    Difficulty updating profiles with photos, videos, and new information.
  • An excess of low-quality applicants that have not taken into account their home environment and lifestyle.


  • Too many search results as a result of not specific enough search criteria.

Personas & User Journey

Prioritized Research

Rescue & Shelter Organizations

  • Control of who applies for what pet needed to be given to the rescue & shelter organizations.
  • They need to be able to upload and edit pet profiles quickly from a mobile device.
  • They need a process that screens and delivers higher-quality applicants.

Pet Adopters

  • More detailed search criteria.
  • They needed to be able to specify their home environment (house, apartment, condo, etc.).
  • Lifestyle (activity level, hours they are gone during the day, etc.).
"By decreasing this initial time for the adopter, it should lead to a more positive overall experience."
-Shelter Manager
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Sketches | Wireframes | User Testing | Prototype

Early Iterations


  • Information Architecture.
  • User flows designed in tandem.


  • Layout how data is shared.
  • Prepare for lofi testing

User Testing

  • Developed Onboarding process
  • Solidify layout of data
  • Affirm functionality

UI Style Guide

Logo & Color

  • The Logo is simple and easily modified..
  • The blue and pink colors were selected to be appealing to a large audience and foster a more light and enjoyable experience.


  • Because there is some illustration involved (which tested very positive in usability testing), modification may need to be made when this moves to the development stage.


  • Roboto throughout the app with Lora for the small print.
    Grey color was selected to decrease the contrast and be easier on the eyes.


  • Onboarding needed to be especially delightful because of the length
    Break up the amount of data

High Fidelity Prototype

Result of User Testing

  • Layout adjusted and simplified
  • Clear navigation

Visual Design

  • Clear & Simple
  • Delightful Experience

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Working Prototype

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